The Biosphäre Potsdam was created for Bundesgartenschau 2001 (Federal Horticultural Show 2001) at the then newly created Volkspark Potsdam. Visitors can expect a unique and authentic jungle experience at the Biosphäre. With an area of 7,000 square metres, the Biosphäre is one of the indoor tropical botanical gardens in Germany. The building, which features a glass roof, is 200 metres long, 72 metres wide and 18 metres high. To achieve an authentic rainforest feel, the temperature is kept at between 23 and 28 degrees Celsius and a high humidity of about 80 per cent. Plus, simulated tropical rain showers occur every hour along with fog and thunder and lightning. The climate allows some 20,000 tropical plants to thrive and also provides an ideal environment for a number of exotic animals, including geckos and snakes.

Visitors walk through a mangrove swamp and pass through a palm grove to reach a shaman's hut. Following a simulated river, a trail continues through a ficus forest up to a cave inhabited by bats. A waterfall and two lakes add to this harmonious tropical landscape. A suspension bridge leads to another trail that provides visitors with a unique insight into the fascinating world high up in the treetops.

The rain forest is home to several animals. Several species of birds and geckos roam freely, while various insects and reptiles can be admired in terrariums. There is also an aviary and a fun underwater world just for kids with colorful tropical fish that swim in a habitat that includes an historic submarine. Since May 2009, the Biosphäre Potsdam has been home to the new Butterfly House that gives visitors an opportunity to learn about the life cycle of about 20 Asian and Latin American butterfly species. In total, about 350 butterflies inhabit the 60 square metre habitat.

Apart from experiencing the stimulating natural wonders of the Biosphäre Potsdam, there are also a number of interactive stations, films and information boards. For example, visitors can learn about the protection of rainforests or the origin of many agricultural and aromatic plants. You can also learn first-hand how much effort and energy are needed for a tree to grow, including how water travels from a tree’s roots to the tip of their branches and leaves.

Thanks to continuously changing special exhibitions and many events during the year, there is always something new to discover in the Biosphäre Potsdam. Guided tours of the rainforest are also offered and it is even possible to organize a unique birthday party.

Biosphere opening times
All the year long
  • Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 18:00 clock
All the year long
  • Saturday - Sunday and public holidays: 10:00 - 19:00 clock
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Events in Potsdam

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Music Festival in Potsdam

The Music Festival in Potsdam will be held again in June. This year's theme "Music and gardens" ubiquitous. So even on the opening day in June. Interesting and unique you can take guided tours and visits to many different places. For those interested there is an Opera Workshop.


Details about the Music Festival in Potsdam can be found here.

The concert on the eve and Night of the Palaces in Potsdam

The Park of Sanssouci and Sanssouci Palace with its terraced vineyards and the New Palace are undisputedly the most important monuments in Potsdam, therefore provides the Night of the Palaces as an excellent temporal orientation, to learn more about the state capital of Brandenburg.


Details about the Night of the Palaces can be found here.

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