St. Nicholas' Church (St. Nikolaikirche)
Nikolai Kirche

St. Nicholas’ Church at the Old Market (Alten Markt) is one of the most important buildings in downtown Potsdam. The Classicist Evangelical Church with its great dome was originally designed by Karl Friedrich Schinkel, although neither he nor his successor Ludwig Persius witnessed the completion of the building in 1850.

Several churches dating back to the thirteenth century have been built on the current site of the St. Nicholas’ Church. The church’s predecessor was consecrated in 1724 and borrowed some architectural features of the Schinkel design, including the floor plan that resembled the shape of a Greek cross. A fire destroyed the church in 1795, although restoration work was undertaken.

In 1826, Frederick William III commissioned Karl Friedrich Schinkel to design a new St. Nicholas’ Church in Potsdam. His concept included a large dome, which was inspired in part by Sir Christopher Wren's St. Paul's Cathedral in London. The construction was overseen by Schinkel’s pupil Ludwig Persius from 1830. Due to the cost, the dome was not finished until 1843 and two years after Schinkel's death when Frederick William IV pushed for the completion of the original design. The church’s final design also incorporates structural adjustments made by Persius. After Persius died in 1845, the final stages of construction were overseen by Friedrich August Stüler.

During World War II, the St. Nicholas’ Church was badly damaged during the bombing of Potsdam. In the last days of the war it was also target of Soviet artillery fire, which eventually led to its partial collapse. Reconstruction began a few years after the war, although work lasted for several decades. The St. Nicholas’ Church congregation moved to the nearby Holy Ghost Church during reconstruction. In the seventies, the church was largely restored to its original state again and it was re-consecrated in 1981. The rebuilt dome has a diameter of 24 meters and a height of 13 meters, and the impressive interior is 52 meters high.

Today, St. Nicholas’ Church is the largest church in Potsdam. For the most part, its design brings to life Schinkel's original vision. With adjustments made to improve acoustics throughout the building’s history, however, some original elements are not immediately visible including the original Greek cross layout. At the same time, the church remains one of the most impressive architectural wonders in Potsdam.

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