Filmpark Babelsberg
Filmpark Babelsberg

Filmpark Babelsberg in beautiful Potsdam is a large and versatile leisure park for visitors of all ages. The location within the grounds of the Babelsberg Media City is also home to the Babelsberg Film Studios, which has a long and eventful history in the film industry.

Studio Babelsberg

This film studio in Potsdam is the oldest in the world, with films being produced here for more than a hundred years. In 1930, Josef von Sternberg filmed The Blue Angel with the legendary Marlene Dietrich in the lead role. During the Third Reich, more than a thousand films were produced including malicious propaganda films such as The Jew Süss. Under the direction of the Deutsche Film AG (DEFA), the state-owned film company of the GDR, films continued to be shot at Studio Babelsberg after the Second World War. After the reunification of Germany the film studio became part of the Babelsberg Media City, which is also home to the Filmpark Babelsberg, the Konrad Wolf Academy for Film and Television, the RBB Broadcasting Centre, the German Broadcasting Museum and the German Broadcasting Archive. For great productions like Sonnenallee and Inglourious Basterds, movie sets were built at the studio. Hollywood productions, such as The Bourne Supremacy and The Reader have also been filmed in Potsdam-Babelsberg and are part of a very long history that is far from being fully told.

Filmpark Babelsberg

The construction of the Filmpark Babelsberg commenced shortly after the reunification of Germany. When the park opened its doors in the summer of 1991, there were only a few film jobs, editing rooms, props and outdoor areas. Yet, a decision was made to allow the public to have an opportunity to look behind the scenes of film and television productions. To provide visitors with a unique experience, The Babelsberg Studio Tour opened in August 1993 and the see first stunt show was staged in autumn of the same year.

Gradually, the Filmpark became home to more and more attractions. The attraction’s mascot, Glimmey, was introduced in 1996 followed by the Janosch Dreamland in 1998 and the Prince Valiant themed restaurant with the film’s original props. The giant Volcano Arena was built in 1999, providing a space for up to 2,500 spectators to watch spectacular stunt shows. Home to the Dome of Babelsberg, the park welcomed the Blue Ball from Berlin in 2011. The park is also home to the 4D Action Cinema and the thrilling The Three Musketeers Making-of Show.

What initially started a job creation scheme, Filmpark Babelsberg is now a distinctive theme park. The attraction caters to almost any taste and every age, including entertainment and action lovers as well as film and television enthusiasts. Filmmakers including costume designers and make-up artists show off their work and provide a behind-the-scenes look at the fascinating world of film and television productions of Studio Babelsberg. Visitors can also explore the exterior set of GZSZ or the original submarine-set film Boomer. Become a kid again when you see the Lowenzahn House Wagon of the Witch's Cottage from Hansel and Gretel.

The Filmpark Babelsberg in Potsdam is a popular destination for young and old, and even in bad weather it is well worth a visit. Admission for children up to three years is free, while adults are charged €21.00 and children pay €14.00. A family ticket is available for €34.00. While these ticket prices are not inexpensive, they are worthwhile and you will be amazed.

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