Friendship Island (Freundschaftsinsel)

Fruendschaftsinsel, or Friendship Island, is a gateway to the city of Potsdam. The name likely derives from a restaurant that was located on the island in the nineteenth century. Friendship Island lies in the middle of the Havel River, having been formed from inundated sand between the Alte Fahrt and Neue Fahrt waterways that flow around the island. It can be reached either by the Lange Brücke (Long Bridge), one of the main thoroughfares of Potsdam, or via a pedestrian bridge. Today, cultural events take place regularly on the island. Friendship Island is also famous for its botanical gardens. A boat rental is also open during the summer.

Now a popular recreation destination, Friendship Island was largely unused until the nineteenth century. Renowned perennial shrubs expert Karl Foerster along with Hermann Mattern and Hertha Hammersbacher were responsible for the design of the island, creating a unified vision for the island and gateway for Potsdam. The first German Exhibition and Viewing Garden was organised in the early part of the twentieth century. Numerous flower beds with plants from different countries were created over the year, which turned the entire island into a lush garden that celebrated friendship. One of the highlights is the perennial garden, which can still be visited today.

The opening of the German Exhibition and Viewing Gardens took place during the Second World War. Shortly after its completion, the gardens were heavily damaged and almost completely destroyed. After the war, the restoration of Potsdam’s Friendship Island was initially not a high priority and the former ornamental gardens were instead used for growing crops. In the Fifties, the original plants were reintroduced on Friendship Island. The island was subject throughout of constant changes and structural adjustments until the Reunification of Germany. Much of the land has been carefully restored to its original state and Mattern and Foerster’s design can be clearly seen today.

The picturesque gardens of Friendship Island are a must-see for anyone visiting Potsdam. The beautiful park has outlooks with stunning panoramic views of the Havel and the surrounding area. An open meadow at the heart of the island also offers an idyllic recreational area. One of the best times to visit is during the spring and summer when the island comes alive.

Friendship Island

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Music Festival in Potsdam

The Music Festival in Potsdam will be held again in June. This year's theme "Music and gardens" ubiquitous. So even on the opening day in June. Interesting and unique you can take guided tours and visits to many different places. For those interested there is an Opera Workshop.


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The concert on the eve and Night of the Palaces in Potsdam

The Park of Sanssouci and Sanssouci Palace with its terraced vineyards and the New Palace are undisputedly the most important monuments in Potsdam, therefore provides the Night of the Palaces as an excellent temporal orientation, to learn more about the state capital of Brandenburg.


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