Park Sanssouci arrival

Arriving with public transport is very convenient.

From Potsdam main station:

By bus: Bus lines 695 or X15 until the stop "Schloss Sanssouci". Busses depart every 20 minutes. Alternatively, you can take bus lines 605 or 606 from Potsdam main station to the stop "Luisenplatz" (100 meters from the entrance of the park) or "Schloss Charlottenhof" (50 meters from the entrance of the park).

By tramway: Tram line 91 or 94 until the stop called "Luisenplatz" (100 meters from the entrance of the park) or "Schloss Charlottenhof" (50 meters from the entrance of the park). Tram lines depart every 20 minutes.

By train: You also have various possibilities here, either you get off at the stop called "Bahnhof Charlottenhof" (100 meters from the entrance of the park) or at "Potsdam Park Sanssouci" (50 meters from the entrance of the park). The train is leaving Berlin every 30 minutes. Arriving by car is not a problem either.

If you prefer arriving by plane in Potsdam, please remember to book your flights in time and to book a flight to Berlin as Potsdam does not have an airport of its own.

In order to simplify the journey to the park of Sanssouci, we have prepared a map of the Sanssouci Park with the nearby bus and tram stops. Just click with the left mouse button on a bus symbol know what station it is, and which bus or tram lines stop at this.

Now all you need is in the box to the right of the map of the Deutsche Bahn, enter your starting and final stop at the desired arrival. Then various timetables are displayed.

Note: The red area is the park of Sanssouci.

Events in Potsdam

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Music Festival in Potsdam

The Music Festival in Potsdam will be held again in June. This year's theme "Music and gardens" ubiquitous. So even on the opening day in June. Interesting and unique you can take guided tours and visits to many different places. For those interested there is an Opera Workshop.


Details about the Music Festival in Potsdam can be found here.

The concert on the eve and Night of the Palaces in Potsdam

The Park of Sanssouci and Sanssouci Palace with its terraced vineyards and the New Palace are undisputedly the most important monuments in Potsdam, therefore provides the Night of the Palaces as an excellent temporal orientation, to learn more about the state capital of Brandenburg.


Details about the Night of the Palaces can be found here.

Official Contact

Official Park Sanssouci Contact

The Foundation for Prussian Palaces and Gardens.

Phone : +49 (0)331/9694-0

Fax : +49 (0)331/9694-107